Grateful dead and chocolate.


finding out someone attractive likes you


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This was my favorite part. #thatdressdoe
Bluntville blunt wraps come with tubes that you can use to hold your blunt.
Burn one end shut… followed by one hole to hold the roach (a cigarette does the job) and another small hole for the carb.
No more resin lips, no more resiny treats.


Downtown, Buffalo, NY smells like Cheerios.
Sometimes, I wonder what California smells like…
I would like to think it smells of plastic surgery, gay sex and salt water.
But it probably smells like money, upside down crosses and kale.

Elemental Palmistry: the basics.


There are four basic types of the elemental hand: air, earth, fire and water. Assessing this aspect give an overview of a person’s character based on astrological principles. This then complements the detailed interpretation of the palm and fingers, The elemental hand often corresponds with the…

When you get a new hat

I’m tired of everything.

St. Patricks pot o’gold.